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Hylink Pixel Match

Turn the pixels and see if you are a perfect match


You are a match - have a look at our available positions!

Who We Are


Intellectual Humility (IH)

It’s okay to be stumped, perplexed, lost, confused, head-scratching, at a loss etc. We’re here to help so please ask away. To us intelligence isn’t a weapon it’s a gift.


Time Equity (TE)

Did you know that if you invested in the stock market, you would double your money every 7-10 years? Time is the only asset we cannot buy, and never have enough. All Hylinkers are long holds.


Integrity, Intelligence, Ambition (IIA)

To quote the great Warren Buffet, “When hiring the right individuals you should look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy.”


Be Pioneering, Inquisitive, Explorative (PIE)

Do you like to build your own list of the top 10 breweries in your city? Have you ever traveled just to try local cuisine for yourself? Have you moved around a lot?


Gai Shan (改善)

Gai shan is continuous improvement in Chinese. It means we look for candidates who know they can do better, never satisfied with today, and are restless in doing better work not just next time, but this time.


Gai Bian (改變)

Gaibian is “change”. Change is the only constant in life, work, and at all times. Hylink strives to find those who can constantly change, deal with change, manage change, and constantly improve within a changing environment.

Working at Hylink


Unlimited Vacation

Hylink believes in giving you time to gain wealth of soul, be it through travel, personal interests and all that life has to offer.



Healthcare is a human right and we make sure everyone on our team has the option to seek medical assistance on their terms.


Travel Perks

Take a trip on Hylink! With offices across the world see how Hylink culture spans across cultures.


Dog Friendly Office

Feel free to bring your well trained friends to sit with you by your desk, we’d love to meet them. *Food not provided.


Open Pantry & Fridge

Fend off the afternoon slump with our great selection of snacks and drinks.


Free Gym Membership

Gym located on campus, is available by appointment.


Financial Benefits

Hylink USA's financial benefits mix old with new: Hylink USA contributes to employees' 401k plans.


Hybrid Schedule

Hylink USA has implemented a hybrid in-office/work-from-home schedule: three days working in the office, two days working from home.


Team Dinner

Hylink USA hosts catered events for their in-office employees, with all dietary restrictions noted and accounted for to ensure that each employee can thoroughly enjoy the feast.


Financial Advisor

Hylink has hired a financial advisor to consult with each employee on investing for their future.


Winter Hours

This change is meant to ensure that employees can return home safely before it becomes too dark outside.



Hylink USA has hired a complimentary masseuse with time slots allotted to each employee, an initiative meant to optimize performance for all employees.


Auto Care

We've partnered with RepairSmith to bring you car service, straight to the office.


Access Perks

We have partnered with programs to award employees with a discount program on food, shopping, movies, and travel.


Pet Care

We have partnered with Spot Pet Insurance to provide you with this important benefit to assist you in covering the costs of medical care for your dog or cat.



As an international agency working with clients and coworkers from all over the world, it is crucial for Hylink USA employees to be best equipped to stay connected.


Corporate Phone

Hylink wants to keep you up to date and connect with the world around us.



Once every quarter, Hylink USA employees participate in a volunteer activity to give back to the community within which they work and reside.

Job Spotlight

Hylink Thinks

Which came first? Media or Creative?

Google Mapped the intersection of "Strategy and Creative". Couldn't find it.

Spot Plans are like Quantum Dots. They're always in a state of flux.

Conference Call Bingo is the best game ever.

Why Doesn’t the Wifi Work When You Need It?

Firing Yourself Up is the Best Promotion.

How rich would you be if you had a dollar for every slide you had to write?

Where’s the Free Food?

Smart Thinking Equals Endless Possibilities.

Back To The Future is the best movie for agency professionals.

Advertising is like dating. Always dramatic.

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. Such as, right now.

No Copywriters were harmed in the making of this sentence.

Advertising is like a marriage - keep it fresh or else it goes up for pitch.

Manifestos are a great reason for beer. Or gin.

Napa Valley should sponsor Advertising Agencies.

“Programmatic” is a great conversation starter. Or killer.

We don’t swipe. We click.

Making that logo bigger, or smaller. Since 1994.

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